The City of Vancouver supported the development of the Vancouver Metroquest program, however it was eventually decided by all parties that it would not be used as a part of the Greenest City Conversations project.

Please see the Metroquest Results section for a list of publications stemming from initial research on the potential work in this channel.

Please visit Envision Sustainability Tools to learn more about Metroquest and their growing list of partnerships with municipalities across North America. 

MetroQuest (MQ) is a back-casting, digital decision-support tool that generates alternative urban planning scenarios based on user priorities and choices. It allows users to dynamically evaluate the future consequences of their choices by comparing potential results and iteratively adjusting priorities. The City of Vancouver will be using MQ online, in workshops and on kiosks to engage the public on the Greenest City goals and the tradeoffs involved in land-use, energy and transportation policy making.

Our research goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of MQ in terms of its capacity to (1) affect user attitudes towards sustainability and the City’s suggested paths for growth; (2) to familiarize users with the kind of decisions involved in making Vancouver the greenest city in the world; (3) to provide users with a meaningful interactive experience.

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